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Current Members

Debra Daniels (Co‐chair), Women’s Resource Center

Kari Ellingson (Co‐chair), Student Development

michael bard, Registrar's Office

Gabriella Blanchard, LGBT Resource Center

Ella Butler, Career Services

Jenna Matsumura, Women's Enrollment Initiative 

Branden Dalley, Union Administration

Tim Davis, Housing & Residential Education

Jenni Schreiner, Housing & Residential Education 

Kyle Ethelbah, TRIO Programs

Ryan Kirchner, Campus Recreation Services

Darrah Jones, Center for Student Wellness

Roberto Martinez, Counseling Center

Paul Morgan, Veteran Support Center

Belinda Otukolo Saltiban, Office of Inclusion Excellence

BobbiJo Kanter, Bennion Community Service Center

Madalena McNeil, Office of Admissions

Matthew Plooster, Scholarships & Financial Aid

Neelam Chand, Office of Equity & Diversity 

Nomani Satuala, Center for New Student & Family Programs

Jess Turuc, Fraternity & Sorority Life

Ulysses Tongaonevai, Office of the Dean of Students

Oliva Harker, Student Development (Committee Support)


Last Updated: 10/2/18