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Current Members

Debra Daniels (Co‐chair), Women’s Resource Center

Kari Ellingson (Co‐chair), Student Development

michael bard, Registrar's Office

Gabriella Blanchard, LGBT Resource Center

Neelam Chand, Office of Equity & Diversity 

Branden Dalley, Union Administration

Tim Davis, Housing & Residential Education

Elizabeth DuszakAssessment, Evaluation, & Research

Kyle Ethelbah, TRIO Programs

Carmen Gold-Johnson, Career & Professional Development

Charity Harding, Disability & Access

BobbiJo Kanter, Bennion Community Service Center

Ryan Kirchner, Campus Recreation Services

Roberto Martinez, Counseling Center

Jenna Matsumura, Women's Enrollment Initiative 

Madalena McNeil, Office of Admissions

Matthew Plooster, Scholarships & Financial Aid

Nomani Satuala, Office of Orientation & Transition

Jenni Schreiner, Housing & Residential Education 

Jenna Templeton, Center for Student Wellness

Ulysses Tongaonevai, Office of the Dean of Students

Jess Turuc, Fraternity & Sorority Life

Oliva Harker, Student Development (Committee Support)


Last Updated: 1/23/19