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Diversity Seminars Series Archive


Every month the Student Affairs Diversity Committee organizes seminars to enhance the collective knowledge of our Division in terms of race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, ability, legal and immigration status, appearance, religion, political affiliation, or age. As always, we invite you to send us any ideas or possible speakers you think will benefit our staff. If you have any questions about our previous or upcoming sessions, please contact

September 18th
Saltair, Union

Intentional Design: The Space and Place of Student Success
Mary Ann Villarreal, Vice President for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

October 16th
Pano East, Union

SafeU: The Student Perspective
The SafeU Planning Committee

November 20th
Gardner Commons, Rm 2560
Self-Exploration as the Foundation for American Indian Student Achievement
Kyle Ethelbah, Director, TRIO Programs
December 11th
Garnder Commons, Rm 2660
Overshadowed Persistence:  Exploring the effects of national, state and institutional policies on undocumented students in Utah
Alonso Reyna Rivarola, Director, Dream Center
January 15th
Pano East, Union
The Role of Student Affairs in an Equitable, Diverse & Inclusive Campus
Lori McDonald, Vice President of Student Affairs
February 19th
Pano East, Union
Examining History and Power to Address Campus Sexual Violence
Chris Linder, Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership & Policy
March 18th
Pano East, Union
What is the University of Utah Prison Education Project?
Dr. Erin L. Castro, Co-Director & Co-Founder
Rescheduled to June 17th
April 15th
Virtual Webinar
Everyone Experiences Bumps in the Road: Providing Basic Needs to University of Utah students
The Basic Needs Center Collaborative
Recorded Diversity Seminar
May 20th
Virtual Webinar
The Importance of Black Spaces on Campus
Meligha Garfield, Director, Black Cultural Center
Recorded Diversity Seminar
June 17th
Virtual Webinar
What is the University of Utah Prison Education Project? 
Dr. Erin L. Castro, Co-Director & Co-Founder
Recorded Diversity Seminar
September 26
Saltair, Union

Multicultural Orientation Framework: Communicating Across Cultures
Karen Tao, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Psychology

October 17
Pano East, Union

The Changing Demographics of Utah
Pam Perlich, Ph.D., Director, Demographic Research, Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute

November 14
East Ballroom, Union

Neurodiversity: Understanding and Supporting Those on the Autism Spectrum
michael bard, Assistant Registrar, Office of the Registrar

December 5
Pano East, Union

Trans Students on Campus
Kari Dockendorff, Doctoral Student, Education Leadership & Policy

January 16
Pano East, Union

Putting U in Inclusion
Tawanda Owens, Ph.D., Executive Director, Diverse Student Advocacy, Office of Equity & Inclusion

February 20
Pano East, Union

Intersection of Gender and Work
Claudia Geist, Associate Professor, Gender Studies, Sociology

March 20
Pano East, Union

Body Image
Jerilyn Hassell Pool, Community Member

April 17
Pano East, Union

Critical Race Theory as Everyday Praxis
Laurence Parker , Ph.D., Associate Dean, Honors College
Rachel Griffin,  Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Communication

May 15
Pano East, Union

Diversity in Theatre, Film and Media (Panel Discussion)
Kimberly Jew (moderator), Associate Professor, Theatre, Ethnic Studies


Update On Title IX
Sherrie Hayashi, Director Equal Opportunity, & Lori McDonald, Dean of Students


Travel Ban Update: Impact on our Campus and Community
Faeiza Javed, LCSW


Mental Health Challenges at the U and How You Can Help
Lauren Weitzman, Ph.D., Cindy Harling, MSW, LCSW, Jake Van Epps, Ph.D., Lois Huebner, Ph.D.

November (bonus):

Is First Always Best? Perspectives of First Generation Professionals on Being the First to College and Beyond...
Jerry Basford, AVP of Business & Auxiliary Services, Student Affairs
Aretha Minor, Strategic Initiatives, Student Affairs
Sandi Pershing, AVP Outreach & Engagement, Dean of Continuing Education


Impact of Japanese-American Internment
Kimiko Miyashima, Graduate Assistant, New Student and Family Programs


Working with Refugees
Lisa Gren, Assistant Professor, Family/Preventative Medicine


Racial Battle Fatigue
Dr. William Smith, Associate Professor, Ethnic Studies
Nicole Robinson & Estela Hernandez, Office of Equity and Diversity


Understanding Journalism  and Bias in Tumultuous Times
Kevin Coe, Associate Professor, Communication


Life at the Utah Asia Campus
Kari Ellingson, Associate Vice President for Student Development 


My Culture Is Not Your Costume
Presenters: Brenda Dao, Blake Viena, Ren Plunkett, Vivian D’Andrade, Kristy Bartley, and Flor Olivo


Unconscious Bias
Mary Anne Berzins, Asst. VP, Human Resources


How to Support Survivors of Sexual Assault
Presenters: Katie Cartee, Darrah Jones, Sherrie Hayashi, & Heather Horstmeier


Student Access and Ability
Scott McAward, Director for the Center for Disability & Access


Multiracial Student Experiences
Jacqueline Chen, Asst. Professor in the Department of Psychology


Is Islamophobia Real?
Faeiza Javed, CSW


Gimme Shelter
Kim Hall & the Homelss Student Task Force


How about Mental Health: What you need to know to support those who struggle: Rob Davies, Associate Director, Counseling Center 


Social Justice Leadership in the Mormon Culture Region: Dr. Laurence Parker, Professor & Director of Graduate Studies, and Angela Berryman Choberka,  Current Ed.D., both from the Department of Education Leadership & Policy


Veterans Culture at the U: Roger Perkins, Director, Veterans Support Center


The Development of Yourself and Realizing You Are Unique, Eri Hayward,
UVU Graduate in Behavioral Science


Playing Till’ The Whistle Blows: The Myth of the College Athletes, Ulysses Tongaonevai


The Differing Socioeconomic Statuses Among Students, How the Rising Cost of Higher Education is Having an Impact on Our Students, and How the University is Addressing It, Dr. Ruth Watkins, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs


Women's Enrollment Initiative, Deb Daniels, Women's Resource Center


Not All Bathrooms Are Created Equal, LGBT Resource Center Staff

September: Cultural Perceptions of Leadership: Cassie Power, Community-Engaged Learning Manager, Gender Studies
October: Same-Sex Marriage in the Courts: Cliff Rosky, Professor, College of Law
November: Developing Critical Media Literacy on Issues of Diversity: Theresa Martinez. Associate Professor, Sociology
January: Sameness, Underwear, Pleasure, and Need: Kathryn Stockton, Interim Associate Vice President for Equity & Diversity; Professor, English
February: Civility in a Developmental Context: Let’s Grow Up at the U of U!:John Kessler, Chairman at Civil Network
March: A Provo Boy’s Journey: How One Dyed-in-the-Wool Mormon is Trying to Bridge the Great Divide: Steve Smith, Director, Counseling  and Psychological Services, BYU
April: How about Mental Health: What you need to know to support those who struggle: Rob Davies, Associate Director, Counseling Center (Cancelled)
May: Challenging Perceptions; Why is North “up”?: Franci Taylor, Director, American Indian Resource Center

(PDF Flyer for the 2014-2015 Seminars)

September: Utah’s Ongoing Demographic Transformation: Our Changing Campus Students?: Dr. Pam Perlich, Senior Research Economist, Bureau of Economic and Business Research,University of Utah
October: The Great Divide: How to Build Relationships While Attending to Individual Differences: Mark Owens, Psychologist, Private Practice; Cheri Reynolds, Psychologist, Private Practice; Steven Morris, Psychologist, Private Practice; David Derezotes, Professor, College of Social Work; Marybeth Raynes
November: Boys will be Boys: Contemporary Masculinity, Campus Violence and a Path Forward: Mary Liccardo, Health Educator, Student Heath, University of Utah
January: Exploring the Interconnection between Cultural Diversity and Disability: Cathy Chambless, Research Associate, Public Policy & Administration, Coordinator of Disability Studies; Adjunct Faculty, University of Utah
February: Affirmative Action & Local Legislation: Maria Ledesma, Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership and Policy University of Utah
March: “Good Medicine”: Assisting American Indian Students Succeed through Self Exploration; Cultural Capital and Self Authorship as Foundations of Successful Student Achievement: Kyle Ethelbah, Director, TRiO, University of Utah
April: The Imposter Panel: Mary Ann Berzins, Assistant Vice President, Human Resources; Martha Bradley, Senior Associate Vice President, Undergraduate Studies; Debra Daniels, Director, Women’s Resource Center, University of Utah
May: An Introduction to Antidiscrimination Response Training: Irene Ota, Academic Program Manager, College of Social Work, University of Utah
September: Mindfulness and Social Justice: Karen Cone-Uemura, PhD; Jim Struve, LCSW; Jonathan Ravarino, PhD, LCSW, University of Utah
October: Parent Rejection of LGBT Adolescents: Current Research & Interventions: Dr. David Huebner, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology
November: Female Student Veterans: Reintegrating After Service; a Multifaceted Look: Lt Col Chris Gedney, USAF (RET), MBA, MA, MSW
January: Maintaining Dr. King’s Vision: Why is it relevant today?: Dr. Roderic Land, Assistant Professor , Education, Culture & Society
February: The Refugee Experience: Ze Min Xiao, Refugee Services Liaison, Salt Lake County
March: Current Women's Health Issues & Policies: Heather Stringfellow, Vice President of Public Policy at the Planned Parenthood Association of Utah
April: Higher Education in an Era of Inequality: Rethinking the Language and Practice of Social Justice: Erin L. Castro, Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership and Policy, University of Utah
May: Understanding Gender Identity: Candice Metzler; Social Justice Advocate
September: Demographic Transformation: Who are our Future Students?: Dr. Pam Perlich, Senior Research Economist, Bureau of Economic and Business Research, University of Utah
October: Transgender Inclusion in Academia: Pauline Park
November: Not an Object for Your Consumption: Angie Makomenaw, Violence Against Women Coordinator Women’s Resource Center, University of Utah
January: University of Utah MLK Lecture
February: Culture Shock & Intercultural Communication: Working Effectively with International Students: Chalimar Swain, Associate Director; Emily Edmonston, International Student and Scholar Services Coordinator, International Center, University of Utah
March: Not yet post-racial: A conversation on the continuing significance of race: Maria C. Ledesman, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership & Policy, University of Utah
April: Bullied: Jamie Nabozny
May: Overview of World Religions: Jan Seed, Director of Spiritual Life, Westminster College
September: Critical Race Theory and Undergraduate Students of Color Campus Experiences: Dr. Laurence Parker, Professor, Educational Leadership & Policy, University of Utah
October: Who “Counts” as LGBT? The Breadth and Diversity of Sexual-Minority Populations: Dr. Lisa Diamond, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Utah
November: Threads of Diversity and Social Justice in American Music: Dr. Theresa Martinez, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Utah
January: (Continued) Threads of Diversity and Social Justice in American Music: Dr. Theresa Martinez, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Utah
February: Affirmative Action: What is it? What does it do? Is it relevant?, Erika George, Professor, University of Utah College of Law; Barry Gomberg, Weber State University, Affirmative Action/ Equal Opportunity Director;Kristy Bartley, Counseling Coordinator, University of Utah Women’s Resource Center; Adrienne Gillespie, Weber State University, Coordinator of the Center Diversity and Unity
March: Deaf People and the Issue of Educational Accessibility: Will Garrow, Assistant Professor, Deaf Studies, Utah Valley University
April: Talking till We're Blue in the Face: Whiteness and Listening. Audrey Thompson, Professor, Department of Education, Culture and Society, University of Utah
May: Healthy Relationships on Campus: revolUtion, a student inprov– group
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