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2015 Pursuit of Inclusion Student Award Recipient: Taylor Russell

Taylor Russell has demonstrated above and beyond achievements on campus and in her community. She is from Kirtland, New Mexico and is far from home to seek her undergraduate degree in Biology. I have heard from the march that being an American Indian student in higher education was more of burden than a privilege to attend college due to the poverty and limited resources on the reservation. This award will help to alleviate some of the financial struggles that students tend to experience while in school.

I had the honor to meet Taylor for the first time at the University’s pow-wow this past year and I was so impressed by her courage to dress traditionally and socialize with others. She is our current American Indian Woman Scholar here at the U. She serves on the Inter-Tribal Student Association as the treasurer. On Utah’s Indigenous Day in November she dressed up in her Navajo attire along with her AWIS crown and attended all of her classes on campus that day. She continues to travel from various states to various fairs and events representing the University of Utah American Indian Woman Scholar. We are honored to present the student Pursuit of Inclusion Award to Taylor Russell.


Last Updated: 4/30/21