Equity and Diversity

The University of Utah is deeply committed to enhancing the success of diverse faculty, students, and staff, as part of our broader goal to enrich the educational experiences and success of all members of our University community. We recognize that a diverse and inclusive University enriches the educational experiences of all students, and enhances our excellence as a world-class institution for 21st Century learners. The Office for Equity and Diversity is proud to lead the University’s efforts to support the success and achievement of faculty, students, and staff who self-identify as African American, Latina/o or Chicana/o, Asian American, Pacific Islander, American Indian, members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning community, and women in underrepresented fields. Equity and Diversity

Center for Disability Services

The Center for Disability Services provides accommodations and support for the educational development of students with disabilities. We strive to improve understanding and acceptance of students with disabilities throughout the University community. Our mission is accomplished through:

  1. Direct assistance to students to encourage and enhance their independence,
  2. Ongoing cooperative efforts to develop and maintain an accessible physical environment, and
  3. Educational efforts to create a supportive psychological environment so students can achieve their educational objectives.

A cooperative relationship is maintained with relevant campus departments to ensure the University of Utah complies with federal and state regulations regarding students with disabilities.