Student Affairs Diversity Council

The Student Affairs Diversity Council (SADC) strives to cultivate an environment that embraces and promotes the broad scope of diversity within the division. We hope you find that these seminars help us increase our knowledge and awareness or critical issues.

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Diversity Seminars Series

Irene Ota

An Introduction to Antidiscrimination Response Training


Irene Ota,
College of Social Work

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

12:00-1:30 pm
Union Panorama East (4th floor)

An introduction to Antidiscrimination Response Training (A.R.T.) "You shall never be a perpetrator. You shall never be a victim. You shall never be a bystander." - Yahuda Bauer 
This group-based social skills training is designed to train and empower bystanders to take an active role in witnessing offensive and discriminating situations, instead of remaining passive or silenced. A.R.T. participants will learn and practice phases and sentence stems they can use in response to a wide variety of prejudicial and discriminating situations. A.R.T. is intended to help participants expand their repertoire of responses to situations of interpersonal prejudice, racial discrimination, and inequitable treatment.

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