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The Student Affairs Diversity Council (SADC) strives to cultivate an environment that embraces and promotes the broad scope of diversity within the division. We hope you find that these seminars help us increase our knowledge and awareness or critical issues.

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Welcome Back: Dr. Barbara Snyder

Reflection: Engaging Lifelong Learning of Diversity, Leslie Giles-Smith

Reflection: Recognizing Diversity with Diversity, Sarah Gutierrez

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Diversity Seminars Series

Susie Porter Sept Speaker


Cultural Perceptions of Leadership

Susie Porter, Chair of Gender Studies; Associate Professor, History 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

12:00-1:30 pm Union Panorama East (4th floor)

Chair of Gender Studies, Dr. Susie Porter, will speak on current stereotypes of femininity, defining/evaluating leadership skills as a culture, and how stereotypes affect women leaders.

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Last Updated: 9/9/14