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Diversity Training Certificate Program


  • Complete ALL 3 Training Modules**
    These modules must be taken sequentially.
    (If you've attended module 1 after November 2016, all 3 modules should be completed within one year's timeframe)
  • Attend 5 Student Affairs Diversity Council speaker series 
    (All 5 seminars should attended within an 18 month timeframe)
  • Attend one campus and/or community diversity or social justice program/activity
  • Complete a reflection piece, one to two pages.
    • The reflection piece should address your experience completing the requirements for the SADC Certificate. Please include how the experience might have impacted your work with students and any significant personal and/or professional growth. Also please address how these experiences might have increased your awareness and willingness to discuss issues of diversity and inclusion in order to foster our goal of creating a more inclusive and safe campus environment. If you did not find that the training made a personal/professional impact, please spend some time talking about reasons you believe this might be the case. 

    • You may submit an essay, poem or any creative piece that best captures your experience(s) and feelings.

**If you have attended the afternoon session of the New Employees Orientation (Creating an Inclusive Campus), this counts as completion of Module 1

Submit Your Reflection

Last Updated: 7/13/19